The workplace as we know it has been drastically altered, and a very significant aspect of that change is in how we communicate. As our world shrinks to a screen and shifts online, the ways we communicate with one another need to follow suit. ​

​Conversations that once took place effortlessly in communal areas must now compete for attention with the vast and blinking world behind the screen. What can employers do to cut through the noise and keep employees informed and engaged?

The more actively engaged employees are in the workplace, the more productive they’ll be—and engagement is largely influenced by compensation and benefits. ​

But the best benefits package in the world will go unappreciated if it’s not actively and effectively promoted to employees.

Employees Are Disengaged
with their Benefits​

96% of Americans don’t understand basic insurance

Employees only spend ~18 minutes shopping and
in their benefits each year​​

40% of employees wait until the last minute to enroll​​

Source: Policy Genius, 2018; PlanSource 01/2020.
In order to communicate benefits in a way that leads employees to engage, you must adopt technology.
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